We saw the growing need for a flexible IoT-solution for home, building and industry automation. So we invented just that.

Based on our groundbraking CONTROLLINO modules we created CONTROLLINO IoT. Our solution is highly adaptable, scalable and it gives you worldwide access to your data and full control over all your connected devices at any given time!

Unlike the normal CONTROLLINO product range, there is no need to program in C. The CONTROLLINOs connected to the CONTROLLINO Server are already programmed. You only have to configure the IOs over our strong rule engine inside of the server.

Home Automation

Home Automation

Home Automation like roller shutters, irrigation, lights, doors, air conditioning, etc.
Building Automation like HVAC, Electricity, etc.
Hotel Automation like auto-lock & unlock, air conditioning & heating, etc.

Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Gas stations (payment solution, pricing, lighting, video surveillance)
Petrochemical industry
Farming (irrigation, feeding, barn automation)
Automotive industry (data logging, testing)

Public Sector Automation

Public Sector Automation

Infrastructure automation, Tunnels (ventilation, lights, video), Street lights, Traffic Control, Irrigation of public gardens


Easy integration & scalability

Seamless integration with external IT systems through our APIs and easy implementation | deploy and scale from modest prototypes to thousands of devices

Flexible & configurable

Flexible and configurable hardware and software, which is easily adaptable to any environment

Triggers & Notifications

When data is received, stored or analyzed, all of them can be treated with simple IF-THEN-ELSE structures. You are also able to implement pre-built or custom notifications for a wide range of events

Device Management

Keep, remote control and interact with devices regardless of their location; check status, change settings, enable/disable or update the devices firmware and more

Rules Engine

The rules engine is responsible for logical operation and allows the configuration of complex business flows and the interaction with all elements of the system

Data Logging

Collect and store all kinds of data from a vast amount of different devices