What is it?

We saw the growing need for an ultra-flexible and adpatable IoT solution for industry automation providers. That’s why we created CONTROLLINO IoT – a product developed in a joint venture by CONELCOM GmbH and Conexiona Telecom, s.l.

While we are building the hardware, based on our groundbraking CONTROLLINO but with several adaptations, Conexion Telecom offers a powerful and easy-to-use software platform for controlling and managing the underlying hardware. This combination makes CONTROLLINO IoT one of the most flexible plug-and-play IoT solutions on the market.

Monitor, control and act on any installation

Collect and store all kinds of data from your devices

Easily integrate CONTROLLINO IoT with external IT systems through our APIs

Deploy and scale from modest prototypes to thousands of devices

Device management

Keep, remote control and interact with their devices regardless of their location, check status, change settings, enable/disable or update the devices firmware.

Rules engine

The rules engine is responsible for logical operation and allows the configuration of complex business flows and the interaction with all elements of the system.


When data is received, stored or analyzed, all of them can be treated with simple IF-THEN-ELSE structures.


Notifications are created when something is wrong.customer can also create and manage their own custom notifications.


Ready to use Hardware & Software combined


Perfect market price for both small & big projects


with CONTROLLINO IoT as your Industry 4.0 and M2M solution provider


If you want to learn more, feel free to contact us for a product presentation.

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