Controllino MEGA

The MEGA is the giant in our CONTROLLINO range. If you are doing big and complex projects, the Controllino MEGA is the perfect fit. With its countless input and output channels and high maximum current of 30A, you can handle any automation and controlling project with ease.


ATmega2560 from Atmel, Clock Speed @ 16MHz | 100% Arduino compatible

Multiple Interfaces

2x serial (UART), 1x SPI, 1x I2C, 1x RS485

Input Current

Max. 30A


Real-time clock integreated


16x Relay Outputs, rated at 230V @ 6A max

Digital Outputs

24 Outputs (12x High-side Bridge, 12x Half-bridge) rated at 12V or 24V @ 2A max

Analog Inputs / Outputs

21 Inputs / Outputs

Standard or Pure

Also available without 5V pin headers


Instructions, pinouts and more.

Available options

Choose between MEGA Standard and Pure.

Controllino MEGAPURE

Pure Version (without 5V pin header)

€ 265,-

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Controllino MEGA

Standard Version

€ 265,-

excl. VAT

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